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Bamboo Washable Wipes for Make-up Removal x10


Bamboo Washable Wipes for Make-up Removal x10

Couleur :

Bamboo washable wipes for remove make up and facial cleansing.

How to use : 
Perfect for a zero waste facial cleansing.
The wipes are used with fresh water or hydrosol or a mild saponified soap or a makeup remover. Wash wipes with next wash and reuse up to 300 times.

Maintenance tips :
- Washing machine at 40 ° to 60 ° with an ecological washing preferably
- Soft dry in a dryer or dry it outdoors
- To have a long life of your wipes, it is recommended to rinse the wipes with water and a little black soap after use, then place it in the washing net.

Composition :
Bamboo Sponge (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification), 90% viscose 10% polyester.


Handmade in France.