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Raw Shea Butter


Raw Shea Butter


Shea butter is a vegetable butter comes from the nut of the African karite tree from West Africa whose name means "life" in Mandingo.

Shea butter is one of nature's most effective moisturisers and nourishing. It repair dry and damaged skin and also skin affect by eczema and protect your skin from the outside aggression.  A daily application leaves your skin feeling soft and beautifully smooth.
It can also be used in mask for damaged or dry hair.

Our shea butter is raw and it is made with respect for tradition and the environment. The quality of fatty acids remains intact.

Characteristics: Fatty touch, pale yellow color, not deodorized.

How to use : Face, body and hair. Pure or in combination in your cosmetic preparations.

Conservation: Protected from light and moisture.

INCI: Butyrosperum parkii